Advertisers Off the Leash

My friend and penpal Bruce Thiesen has recently started a blog. Take a look. He has quite a lot to say, and he says it well.

Ram On

You’ve seen the guy on the plane, train or bus – his head leaning on the window and sleeping as comfortably as if he were napping on his own couch on a lazy winter day.  How perfectly content he looks.  None of the activities from others or the commotion inherent in public transportation seem to faze him whatsoever.

I once used to work with a guy who traveled domestically and internationally quite a bit – most weeks involved a trip someplace.  He used the time to sleep, often starting before the plane even departed and waking up in the final stages of the flight.  A master traveler and sleeper extraordinaire!

When things are right, I can sleep on a picket fence in a wind storm.  My brother is a pretty good sleeper also and suggests that is a genetic advantage bestowed upon us.  When I used public transportation to commute back…

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