MY third novel PUSHING THE RIVER will be published by Amika Press in October 2018. The book will be available SOON for pre-order.  Here is the summary from the book’s back cover, as well as some praise from early reviewers.

In Barbara Monier’s third novel, a family crisis erupts when a fifteen-year-old becomes pregnant and decides to keep the baby.

As the book opens, Madeline describes her house as an empty shell inhabited by ghosts. She has been living alone for years, keeping to a few rooms, surrounded by the possessions of her ex-husband and grown children. Over the course of four months, people accumulate in the household one by one—including Madeline’s new love interest, who unexpectedly shows up carrying grocery bags full of his clothes.

The story of Pushing the River is told largely through Madeline’s eyes. As background and insight into her character—how she came to “push the river”—the unfolding action is interspersed with Madeline’s memories of her own mother, driving a message of sometimes-anarchic confusion, occasional angst, and powerfully abiding love across the generations of a familiar American family.




A very powerful book about the cascading benefits and injuries of the relationships of women across generations. A great study of a character, and her efforts to hold things together amid constant chaos.

—John Manos, author, Dialogues of a Crime


I couldn’t put it down. So many stories, so much emotion. Two-word review: loved it!

—Janis Post, Chicago artist


[With] an eye for detail and a love of language, this is a novel about how women pass along wisdom, the relationship between mothers and daughters, the power of mothers to embarrass. The monstrous. The methodical.

—James R. Petersen, freelance journalist, writer, storyteller


Like walking past a collection of fine impressionist art.

—Clark Elliott, author, The Ghost in My Brain


Beautifully written! Entertaining and innovative, a jewel of a tight story that unfolds powerfully in episodes. An embarrassment of riches.

—Rita Dragonette, author, upcoming The Fourteenth of September


Monier’s breathtaking prose is put to full use in this story of intergenerational care and violence. A must-read for anyone who has ever been, or had, a mother.

—Molly K. Hales, author, Vital Ties